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Servofoxx Design and Catalog Updated

Servofoxx, the precision series of servo gearheads offered by Diequa Corporation, has recently had a design modification to it's motor connection coupling. The engineering catalogs have also been updated to include higher torque capacities in many models.

The Servofoxx product line has offered one of the widest ranges of inline and right angle gearheads available for several years. Along with a variety of unique features, configurations, especially in the right angle models, and special designs, the largest number of ratio options are also provided for optimum inertia matching.

One of the most unique design elements has been the incorporation of a two piece bellow motor connecting coupling. The vast majority of servo gearheads use a rigid mount motor connection. The potential motor mounting misalignment inherent in a rigid mount design leads to sun gear deflection, resulting in reduced torque capacity and efficiency, while increasing noise and bearing wear. The use of an input flexible coupling eliminates misalignment issues, assuring maximum performance of the servo gearhead.

While the integration of an input coupling is a major advantage, Servofoxx takes the concept one step further. To improve the assembly and disassembly of the motor to the gearhead, a two piece coupling is used. The revolutionary design includes a tapered polygon configuration on the motor connecting hub that inserts into a mating flexible coupling, for a zero backlash connection. This greatly improves the ease of inserting motors over other coupling designs, while completely eliminating the problems of disassembly due to motor shafts being frozen to rigid mounts or clamp screws not aligning to access holes in the event of gear or motor failure.

Along with this design improvement, other modifications have been incorporated to increase the torque capacity in many models. To highlight this, the Servofoxx engineering catalogs have been updated to reflect the changes. If you haven't requested a new catalog within the last few months, you don't have the most up to date data.

Diequa offers four main families of servo gearhead products. Servofoxx is the precision line featuring low backlash in inline planetary and right angle planetary bevel designs. Planetdrive is our economical line of inline planetary gearheads, where backlash levels aren't as critical, but reliable performance is required. Dynabox is a uniquely designed worm providing three levels of backlash precision and multiple output configurations. WATT Drive provides inline and right angle solutions using helical, helical worm, and helical bevel designs. Together, this product group offers the widest range of servo gearhead options available from a single source.



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