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DieQua Newsletter Launched

DieQua in Motion, a new e-mail newsletter, was launched by DieQua Corporation in March 2006. With the tag line "News for Machine Design Engineers", DieQua in Motion was designed to be a little different than other manufacturer's newsletters that are primarily product centric. While products and services available from DieQua are prominently highlighted, other elements of the newsletter revolve around the personal and professional development of the design engineer.

The newsletter will be e-mailed monthly as a text message with an available link to a web page version. Both versions will typically include five main articles with the web version also including links to the full product offering along with links to other pages within the DieQua web site.

The first article highlights recent DieQua News. This could include announcements about product catalog updates, upcoming trade shows, other scheduled events, new additions to the staff, or new sales partner relationships. It's purpose is to keep you informed on the ever evolving happenings at DieQua Corporation.

The second section is called Personal Development. It provides a non-technical article with the design engineer, as an individual, in mind. This section will include a wide variety of topics with links to external web sites deemed appropriate for the subject being covered. Because they are outside links, DieQua cannot take responsibility for the content. However, they have been selected for their interest and education value. Articles on professional development, personal development, and home life issues are planned.

The third section is called Design Technology. This will be an educational article on technologies and components related to, but usually not including, the products DieQua offers. These articles, which are also linked to outside sources, will mostly be introductions or primers to the technologies discussed. With engineers required to be knowledgeable about more and more aspects of machine design, these articles can provide a basis for further education.

The fourth section will focus on a product of the month. Instead of an article, the Product Focus will be a technical page featuring the primary benefits, configurations, and specifications for the product being presented. DieQua offers a wide range of motion control and power transmission gear products with a number of significant advantages.

The fifth and typically final section includes an article on an Application of the Month. This article, while based on an actual application, will be more conceptual in nature. The reason for this is many design concepts transcend industries and are appropriate for various machine designs. It's in identifying the concept and theoretical solution that new ideas can be presented to the engineer for potential incorporation into their own designs.

DieQua Corporation hopes the design engineer finds this newsletter both educational, entertaining, and that it provides enough value to warrant a few minutes of investigation once a month.

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