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Speed Reducer Quick Select Catalogs Now Available

DieQua Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of a series of "Quick Select" mini engineering catalogs for the WATT Drive Helical Gear Motor and Speed Reducer product line. They were designed to supplement the original full program engineering catalog and have been printed with American units of measure and inch dimensions.

These new quick select catalogs provide information for basic applications including speed capabilities, horse power capacities, torque capacities, service factors, general configurations, terminal box positions and wiring diagrams for gear motors, and the critical dimensions to determine space requirements. They also highlight a variety of the options available.

For questions regarding other options, additional technical details, application assistance, 2d and 3d drawings, or price and delivery, it is recommended to contact DieQua directly at 630-980-1133. A staff of friendly and knowledgeable customer support personnel is available to provide assistance.

Because of the large number of reducer configurations and available options, many customers found it difficult to locate an appropriate solution in an engineering catalog approaching 500 pages. Also, because most applications don't require one of the many options provided in the extensive program, a way to quickly find a basic solution was desired. The result was the development of a streamlined engineering catalog, for each reducer series, including all the basic information necessary to make a fast and easy product selection.

Hard copies of these new catalogs can be received by calling DieQua Corporation or requesting them from the catalog request page here, on our web site. Digital versions can also be downloaded from the catalog request page, along with catalogs for any of the other products we offer. 2D and 3D drawings are also available from the web site. Individual drawing files can be requested if so desired.

WATT Drive is a supplier of highly efficient and highly durable helical gear motors and speed reducers. Their range of models include inline helical, parallel shaft, helical worm, and helical bevel gear designs. With headquarters in Austria, they service the world through a network of assembly partners, tech centers, and sales offices.

DieQua Corporation is WATT Drive's exclusive North American partner providing sales, marketing, application support, service, warehousing, and assembly of WATT Drive products. DieQua also offers a wide variety of other premium quality gear and connecting products for both power transmission and motion control applications.



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