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Servo Worm Reducers are Now Available

DieQua is pleased to introduce a new Servo Worm Reducer, manufactured by Girard, to the motion control market place. While this technology has been available in the past, the new Dynabox series offers many enhanced benefits over existing designs.

A major advantage is that this program offers models with 3 levels of backlash. The Basic models provide a surprisingly low 10 arc minutes of backlash. The Medium models provide 5 arc minutes of backlash, while the Expert models operate with only 1 minute of backlash. All models offer single or double output shafts, hollow bores with keyways, or smooth bores with shrink disk connections. Seven sizes are available in torque ranges from 20 ­ 1300 Nm and ratios from 5:1 to 90:1. Adapter flanges for virtually all motor types are also offered.

Backlash values for the Basic series are accomplished through the use of high precision worm gearing and by maintaining strict component machining tolerances. Further backlash reductions are achieved in the Medium series by utilizing matched set rings and worms, guaranteeing optimum center distances. The Expert series provides the ultimate in backlash control through the integration of a unique dual pitch worm.

It's the use of this dual pitch worm that results in a major advantage over other designs in the super precision worm market. Most other manufacturers adjust backlash by altering the ring and worm center distances. Future adjustments are problematic in that shaft alignments become compromised and gear pitch line contact is changed. A dual pitch worm allows center lines to be stabilized while maintaining the optimum tooth flank control. Performance is maximized and future adjustments are minimized with this design. Servo worm reducers are ideally suited for speed control and intermittent cyclical applications. They are also appropriate for highly dynamic stop/start applications when the proper parameters are considered. This gear type can by a valuable alternative to the typical bevel planetary design.

Contact your DieQua representative at or call 630-980-1133 to discuss how the Girard Servo Worm Reducer can satisfy the requirements of your right angle servo driven application.



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