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New Torque Limiter Design Introduced

DieQua Corporation is introducing an economical torque limiter produced by R+W Coupling Technology. Based on their successful ball and detent design, the new torque limiting safety coupling incorporates a flexible elastomer element for accommodating angular and lateral shaft misalignment.

While still providing zero backlash torque transmission, this version is less costly than the traditional bellow design. The new torque limiter is ideal for applications where a small amount of torsion is acceptable.

The actual torque limiting mechanism options are the same as the classic design. These include a single position re-engagement for applications requiring machine element timing. A multi position re-engagement is also available where timing isn't important or faster re-engagement is necessary. A free wheeling version is appropriate for high speed applications or for process applications where motion cannot be quickly limited. A load holding version, which doesn't completely disengage, is also offered for lift or incline conveyors where loads cannot be separated.

All torque limiting safety couplings come with a disengagement ring for sensor actuation, and are fully adjustable in the field. 5 sizes with torque capacities from 5-450 Nm are available.

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