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Manufacturer and supplier of gearboxes for motion control and power transmission.

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DieQua Corporation has the widest range of gearboxes, gearheads, speed reducers, and gearmotors, plus the expertise to select the best one for your requirements.

Contact us with your design challenge. It's by identifying your unique needs that we can be most helpful.

one pixelProduct Group Overview:

Speed Reducers, Gearmotors, and Inverter Duty Motors

Speed Reducers, Gearmotors, and Inverter Duty Motors

A wide range of speed reducer and gearmotor design types for power transmission applications.

• High Capacity Inline Helical • High Efficiency Helical Worm
• Right Angle Helical Bevel • Single and two stage Worm
• Parallel Shaft Mount • Inverter Duty Motors

Precision and Economy Servo Gearheads

Precision and Economy Servo Gearheads

The largest servo gearhead program available for cyclic, positioning and motion control applications.

• Precision Planetary Economy Servo Worm
• Economy Planetary • High Torque Series Helical
• Precision Servo Worm • Right Angle Planetary Bevel

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Featuring low backlash, precise rotary motion, high capacity, mounting flexibility and a rugged design.

• Standard T and L Configurations NEMA or IEC motor adapters
• Hollow Shaft Mount Designs • Reversing and Disengaging
• 2 & 3 Way Auxiliary Shafts • Customized & Special Designs

Shaft Phasing and Variable Speed Gearboxes

Shaft Phasing and Variable Speed Gearboxes

Featuring several different gearbox designs for controlling shaft position, timing or speed correction.

• Right Angle Phasing Infinite Variable Speed
• Inline Shaft Phasing • Explosion Proof Control
• Inline Adjustable Speed • Combination Gearmotors

Special Design Gearboxes

Special Design Gearboxes

Providing a wide range of options and customized solutions for applications with specific requirements.

• Modified Dimensions High Speed Capability
• Custom Configurations • Extreme Duty
• Environmental Protection • Combination Drives

Screw Jack Systems

Screw Jack Systems

An acme screw and ball screw jack program offering the most extensive list of component options available.

• Machine Screw Jacks Screw Traversing Design
• Ball Screw Jacks • Nut Travel Design
• 1/2 to 100 Ton Capacity • Complete Lifting Systems

Shaft Couplings, Torque Limiters, and Line Shafts

Shaft Couplings, Torque Limiters, and Line Shafts

Zero backlash shaft to shaft connection and overload protection components for precise rotary motion control.

• Stainless Bellows Couplings Fast Acting Torque Limiters
• Elastomer Jaw Couplings • Multiple Connection Options
• Torque Tube Line Shafts • Special Designs

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DieQua uses Lubriplate Lubricants

A proud member of the PTRA

A proud member of the AHTD

A proud member of the Motion Control & Motor Association
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